Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Modern Sewist

In yesterday's post I mentioned a quilt shop located in Siesta Key/Sarasota, FL, where we vacationed last week - The Modern Sewist. A check of its location on the map app showed that it was practically within walking distance of us.

Thankfully, my DH is one who doesn't mind (too much, anyway) hauling me around to find quilt shops. I know he has a limit, though, so I keep 'em short and sweet. He really is supportive.

But I digress...

I enter a "modern" quilt shop with a bit of trepidation; my tastes typically lean to the traditional standard or classic styles. However, I have been salivating over some of the fabrics coming out by some of the new designers - I wanted to see them! And, more importantly, touch them! I hoped this shop would carry those fabrics.

They did!! Yay!

The shop is bright and cheery, decorated quite full-to-brimming with all manner of samples and inspiring projects. I met the incredibly hospitable store manager Jenni who made me feel quite welcome. We talked about fabrics and blogging and Instagramming and all the fun stuff that makes this hobby of quilting increasingly accessible to people of all ages. These are the very things forcing this old traditional gal to break out of her "comfort zone" and experiment with some of these trendier, modern designs.

Jenni was excited to learn that I am a Bernina-owning gal, as she will travel with the shop owner and another employee to Chicago to become Bernina dealers. I am catching their IG posts about all their adventures and learning. Exciting stuff, indeed.

I found lots of fabrics that wanted desperately to come home with me, but just three won out. I had to exercise restraint, for sure. Jenni was so helpful; I quickly chose my two florals, and needed a nice solid-type to accentuate them - she knew just the options to show me. I decided on the perfect dark blue shown in the photo and I can't wait to dream up a terrific project for these sweet fabrics.

My exciting fabric purchase consists of that navy by Rae Ritchie of Dear Stella Design. This is a pretty tame piece by some standards, but to each her own, right? I still have that foot firmly planted in traditional-quilt-land, you know. *wink*

The florals are both by Art Gallery Fabrics - AGF - called Ethereal Fusions, and aptly so, I must say. Have you ever seen such loveliness?? The minute I saw these, I was enamored by them. They are so delicate and dreamy.

Once I got back home and in the sewing room, I opened these fabrics out a bit and shot a fuller picture of those florals. Aaahhhh! I'm swooning!

After a bit of study, I noticed a hint of gray in both florals which prompted me to recall a gray piece tucked away in my stash - maybe?? Yes! I think the gray (Weave by Moda) will work with these perfectly! Oh my, serendipity is at work here, people!

Now, tell me, what will I make with these???

So that sums up my quilting adventure in Sarasota, FL, and my trip to The Modern Sewist. I highly recommend! I am now following the shop on IG as well as Jenni (her handle is @jenglebelle). She told me about their on-line shop, which I will definitely keep in mind.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I love those florals, can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. Adding the grey fabric just makes for a perfect selection. I wonder what you will make with these beautiful fabrics?


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