Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Hello May!

Already we are in the fifth month of 2018 - can you believe it?!? We have had such a long winter and spring; I am betting that quite a few Ohioans are Snoopy-dancing for May.

I am celebrating an end to the OUC semester and will have the summer off. That means I need to accomplish big things both in the quilting room and elsewhere. I've worked on a potential sewing list for the month.

1. Sew items for November holiday bazaar.
2. Finish the Village quilt top.
3. Finally, get a quilt on the Tin Lizzie and quilt something!
4. Continue sewing Best of All blocks.
5. Cut out/start a 2-color star quilt.

Looking back over the April accomplishments, I have to say that the retreat was tremendously helpful in my getting 2 items checked off the yearly goals list as well as a good start on a third.

Checked off were the Thimbleberries quilt from the '17 retreat and the Jelly Roll fiasco from last September. The good solid start was on Best of All.

Feeling very accomplished!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. My daughter just accepted a full ride to OU in Athens for her Bio-Med Eng Masters Degree. We just loved the campus and professors.


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