Friday, May 11, 2018

Village Update

In all the random block-making, I have not forgotten that Village is my more pressing WIP. Just before we left for Florida I had begun putting rows together. Since I have only 95 blocks to work with (the pattern calls for 132), I need to figure out my setting plan for them. So far I have just sewn then into groups of two or three.

I need to sit down with graph paper and pencil to sketch out a plan. I am not opposed to leaving some wide open space next to a house if need be, nor am I opposed to buying more background fabric, as I think I might run out. The pattern does not call for borders, yet with my smaller version I will consider them.

Neighborhood-building does continue, therefore, just at a bit slower pace. Consultations with the zoning committee and the city engineer are ongoing. *grin*  Here's a click-back to my introduction to Village.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Lovely colourful village! I also love your BOM blocks and getting a shout out from Barbara herself is thrilling and well deserved.

  2. These houses are so cute! Way to go, complimented by Barbara Brackman herself! Those blocks were very pretty.


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