Monday, July 18, 2022

Oldest UFO Series

UFOs bother some quilters immensely, while others collect them like they are no big deal at all. I myself would fall into the latter category, and have no qualms at all stacking up UFOs all over the place. 

In 2016, we Frankfort Girls agreed to do a year-long UFO challenge in which we attempted to finish one UFO per month. I failed miserably.

Not everyone failed, but enough of us did that we tried again in 2017. That year, I had great success in eliminating 12 UFO - one per month. It was supremely satisfying to have accomplished the feat. Click this link to see my 2017 completions.

Fast-forward to the present. For a few months, I have been thinking about doing a series on oldest UFOs. Since I quilt with quite a few ladies who are long-time quilters like myself, I thought it would be fun to poll my friends to see if they would be willing to share their oldest UFOs, also. Over the course of the next few months, I will bring you a diverse range of UFOs from my quilting girlfriends. I currently have two or three queued up, so let's start this little series.

My oldest UFO dates from 1990, and I can be very specific about this because in the book with this pattern, I found a note on which I dated my beginning. In 1992, I did further work on this project, according to the note, and since then, I have done nothing.

These applique pieces have been stored in this zip-bag for nearly 30 years, awaiting the day I become brave enough to finish the quilt. Every now and then I come across this buried treasure in the quilting room, and longingly think that it needs to be finished. Yes, after 32 years, I still like this quilt and have every intention of seeing it completed someday.

The entire saga of this quilt is outlined fully in this blog post from 2012. 

For those of you not interested in the saga, here is a picture of the quilt. Isn't it lovely? It will look so pretty on the white iron bed in our guest room. I need to make this a priority. This year? Next year? We shall see. 

How about you? Do you dare share with us your oldest UFO? Whether you ever intend to finish it or not, it's an interesting trip down memory lane to see where you once were as a quilter, and how you've progressed over the years.

Share with us, if you like! I would love to see what variety we have stored in the depths of our closets, bins, and  drawers. If you do any sort of social media, link up with me and I will share your oldest UFO here with ours.

Who knows? It might just spark a notion to finish an aging UFO!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. I'm quite glad I don't have a way of dating my UFOs but I have plenty! I'm just too fond of new 'bright, shiny' projects and not so keen on quilting!


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