Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Big Plans

You've probably heard the saying about one's eyes being bigger than one's stomach? Well, that's the same idea applied to quilting projects for me. I wanna do 'em all!!

I've already got my start on the Lone Star Quilt-Along. Hoping to see lots of pretty quilts and inspiration from that.

Now, I've just read Lori's blog, Humble Quilts, and I know she always starts the new year with a doll quilt-along. I've done 2 of them and I simply adore them! So, of course I am going to do this one, too! It's been given the name Pink Lemonade as its primary colors are pink and yellow. Go take a look at it and see if you can resist!

One other quilt I really want to get going on is the signature quilt from my mother's 75th birthday party. I put it on hold through the holidays and now I'm psyched to get it going!

Image from Google.

In other business...did you know I got an iPad for Christmas? I was entirely suprised. My dear children and their father DH were the responsible parties. Gosh, I wish I knew all the cool uses for it. It takes pictures and videos. I've downloaded a bunch of apps for it. It can be both a Kindle and a Nook. I don't know 1/100th of what all it can do. I'm spending a lot of time playing games on it so far, but I want to make it do useful organizing and creative things. Any suggestions, readers?

Image from Google.

And, my new camera came. I've been trying to learn it in addition to the iPad. Techno-overload for me! Let's just say teaching an old dog new tricks is a process.

I've taken just a few pics on the new camera, getting a feel for it, you know. Here are some Christmas pics that turned out okay.

Our tree. Red and off-white quilt for a tree skirt.

This yo-yo table topper is from a Thimbleberries book. It was a lot of fun to make. Guessing: I made it about 12 years ago(?).

This throw pillow is one I made many years ago. It's over 20 years old since I remember having it at our old house (we moved here in 1992). I hand-pieced and hand-quilted it.

Finally, I'll show you this jolly guy. My dear friend Kay made this squishy Santa for me even more than 20 years ago! I used to have him sit in the little rocking chair that my kids had, but now that they are all big kids now, he sits in the big rocker.

Wish me luck on executing these big plans!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Jayne I've had an IPad for about 3 months now and while I'm not an expert by any means I do feel like I'm beginning to navigate my way around it. I love to use it for Facetime talking to my grandchildren and my sister. My son has an IPhone so I call it to talk to the children and my sister has an IPad so it uses e-mail to connect to that. Amazing. In other words you could call my IPad using my e-mail address and if I answered we'd be able to talk face to face. The children love that! I take it to the sewing room with me (my computer is in my bedroom) and can check my e-mail, read blogs, etc. in there. I have a Kindle so I use that app for reading books I've downloaded. You can't see it out in the sun because it's backlit, but it's great for indoor stuff. I don't have 3G on mine, just WiFi but I can use it at Starbucks, etc. which have WiFi. I might not know an answer if you have a question but my daughter teaches classes on the IPad so I have someone I can ask! blessings, marlene


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