Friday, January 13, 2012

OSU T-Shirt Quilt

Wrapped up in Christmas finery was this gift to my DH.

He'd casually mentioned early last summer that he'd like to have a quilt. Can you believe I've never made one for him?!?? I went to the thrift shop and bought all the Ohio State t-shirts they had (11) and found an old one here of ours, and VOILA! a quilt for hubby was born!

I could not get it quilted before Christmas, however, so also in the box was a note: " This is scheduled to be quilted in early January."  And it is; I'll be taking it this week to a friend who will quilt it for me.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Jayne,
    Great job on the T-Shirt quilt!! We are currently having a break in the snow!! Still might get more this evening. I'm going to start following you, I hope you will return the favor!

  2. How's the old addage, the quilter's husband has no coverlet. Cobbler and shoes may have better ring to it, but still the same general idea! Loved this one with the big squares.
    K McManus

  3. Thank you, Kelly! Thanks, too, for reading my blog! :-)


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