Monday, January 16, 2012

Jayne's Reupholstering Service??

A week ago Sunday, out of the blue, my sister calls to see if I have some free time. She is newly retired, and is working - no, tearing - through a to-do list like gang-busters!! Her mission on this day was attempting to reupholster her desk chair.

A bit later in the day, here she is with Mom in tow, bringing her chair and the materials, needing a woman with a sewing machine (that would be me!) to help out with the back. She'd managed to do the seat with a staple gun, but as the back was made around a metal frame, stitching was inevitable.

A quick bit of background: Sandy has always been the tomboy sister who never had the least inclination to learning to sew. Her few attempts back when we were in 4-H resulted in Mom's telling her to "get the ripper." We still get a good chuckle out of that.

We traced and pinned and tugged and tucked until VOILA!! we had a really awesome-looking desk chair!!

A close inspection would certainly uncover some imperfections, but it's functional, will serve its purpose, and looks fabulous, wouldn't you agree? I love it, and, more importantly, so Sandy loves it!

Today I spoke with Sandy on the phone. She is now reupholstering kitchen bar stools. I told her to take pics before, during and after. I even suggested she be a guest blogger here and share her little endeavor! We shall see about that!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. This chair look so great and fabulous.This is a wonderful chair.It can be use in the kitchen.

  2. I'm hesitant to try to something as simple as making a new ironing board cover. An office chair? No way. How brave you are, and the result looks wonderful!
    Best wishes to the newly retired sister. Sounds like she's not going to be bored, with a long to-do list and a sister with a sewing machine :)

  3. following your blog from 60 degree Georgia. Are you having ice and snow? Love your project and chair. We are heading for 3rd day of wrestling. Jacob has won 3 and lost 0. I will be reading and not sewing. Wish I could squeeze in a fabric shop or two. Tara and I did a pinterest lamp for Regan's room. I will send picture.

  4. Have fun with Tara and family! Sandy loves her chair, and I am now considering doing my own! Yes, we do have ice - about a quarter inch on everything; thankfully the electric has been on throughout it all! See you soon!

  5. How gals did a great job with this chair! Love it.
    K McManus

  6. Thank you, Kelly! I was right proud of our efforts!!

  7. beautiful! I am so impressed.


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