Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fabric Bonanza

It just doesn't get much better than this!! I am in fabric heaven this week! I've invited all my friends to play along: Lynette, Judie, Johanna, the 3 Sisters, the French General, Robert, and a host of others. We've had quite the bash!

The two projects I currently have out are ones that will be very scrappy; therefore I have pulled lots and lots of fat quarters out of the stash - some of them well aged - and have been cutting away! The assortment above has given  me 6 7/8" squares for Chantilly.

The pattern is in the book Mulberry Lane by Teri Christopherson, copyright 2000. Ever since I bought the book, I have wanted to make this quilt! I even plan to make it a bit larger, as illustrated below:

I think it's evident that I've drawn on additional blocks, right?

So, I'm happily cutting away. I  have a stack already put together from a few days ago.

And I have a hefty pile of newly cut squares from my stash that need to have the diagonal line drawn.

There are some golden oldies in there. And some newer stuff, too. But mostly old.

Besides cutting and prepping more HSTs for Chantilly, I've been working on Mom's signature quilt. I'm using two lines of Fig Tree Co. fabrics - Mill House Inn and Patisserie (sp?). I had a charm pack of each. It will be a nice, soft-color quilt. These signatures were collected at the big 75th birthday celebration my siblings and I had for Mom back in October. There are over 80 signature blocks, and I will need to hunt for more charm packs of these fabrics, because 2 weren't enough!

Do you open up/unfold all your fat quarters when you get them home? I sure don't. But maybe I ought to because I found one fat quarter that wasn't fat at all! It was about 4" too thin! I got ripped off! I pressed all the fabrics and when I laid this one out on the cutting board, I discovered the dastardly truth.

Aren't fat quarters supposed to be 18" x 21" or 22"?? Fortunately, this is the only one that was short. And probably whoever cut this just had the ruler in the wrong place (I know first hand how easy that is to do!!) I have asked myself if perhaps I'd cut off a 4" swath, but I don't think so. Anyway, buyer beware, right?

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Both quilts are going to look wonderful. I wish I could help with the charm packs, or fabric you could cut up for the siggie quilt, but I don't have anything from either range.

  2. Wow love your mom's signature blocks, that is going to be an amazing quilt. Looks like nice progress on the other one as well.

    I think we've all see the short end of some cutting issue or another. The last time I ordered fabric I bought a half a yard of a blue batik and it was indeed 18" at all points, but it curved like a rainbow at one end.

  3. You're right, one or two of those FQ's are well and truly aged - I think I have their twin in my stash somewhere!

  4. What a wonderful way to use your stash! Those fabrics will certainly make a very pretty quilt. When I bring home fabric I put it in the laundry pile without checking but yes, FQs sometimes are cut on the stingy side. And fabric width is getting narrower as well.


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