Thursday, January 12, 2012

Meet My Stars!

I'd like to introduce you to French General Stars. Or I could call it Rouenneries Stars.

Whichever I end up calling it, I love it. That line of fabric has been out since around 2007, if I'm not mistaken, and I'm just now using it in my first project! (I know I'm not the only one hoarding a few yards of French General fabrics!!) I am happy to report that I have plenty of FG fabric remaining in the old stash; I hope to be churning out a few more lovelies in this fabulous stuff!

The quilt pattern, September Stars, is from a Thimbleberries book called September Morning, from 2001. I not only hoard fabric; I hoard books, as well! Surely other quilters can relate, no??

I have a bit of a dilemma. Technically, I just put the borders on this week - Monday, to be exact. But I had all the rest done before the new year. I really want to count this quilt as a product of 2011; it was on my goals list for the year, and it ends up taking care of 2 quilts at once - it is a Christmas quilt in addition to being the French General quilt I wanted to make in 2011. So, the quandary - consider it a 2011 finish, or the first finish of 2012?? Maybe 2011 with an asterisk?

That's what I'll do - 2011*.

So, on the sewing table today, I find myself working on 2 things at once. I've got Mom's signature quilt going. I'm using square-in-a-square blocks for that. Also, I have begun cutting and stitching Chantilly, a quilt I have wanted to make for ages and ages.

I've pulled a bunch of fabric for it, and the cutting couldn't be easier - 6-7/8" squares!
the stitching is pretty easy, as well. Draw a diagonal line; stitch on either side; cut apart ~ voila!! It should go together fast. Easy-peasy. Great way to begin a new year of stitching.

Here's some of the fabric I pulled.

These are mostly Robert Kaufman fabrics from a very old fat quarter pack I've had. I have about this much more random stuff pulled to go with this. It will be very scrappy.

I was reading some blogs this morning and came across Kathie who talked about working on more than one project at a time on her blog called Inspired by Antique Quilts. Now, I am notorious for this; I like starting things, and I start LOTS of things! The trouble is I always have to push myself to finish them.  It must be a character flaw. That's why I could spend a whole year working only on UFOs, and still have work left to do! Anyway, it was nice to read her post about needing to work on more than one thing at a time. I share that sentiment, for sure.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Great stars, Jayne! Moda is actually re-releasing that line this month with a few new pieces added! so you can get even MORE Rounneries if you want! ;o) Nope...I'm pretty much a one-quilt-at-a-time gal. That leaves room for my knitting, sampler stitching, know! ;o)

  2. I wish I was a 1 quilt at a time gal...but i'm a 40 project at a time gal...that's how I roll :)

  3. Love your Rouenneries Star quilt. I wasn't sure what to do with this line when it came out and so I didn't buy any. Since then I have seen so many beautiful quilts made from it that I regretted my choice. I discovered a layer cake of Rouenneries II yesterday and I grabbed it up. Who knows what it will become but I'm just pleased to have found it.

  4. Chantilly is another I could be very tempted with ...

  5. Jayne, whose pattern is Chantilly please?

    When I Google it I get a pattern from Fig Tree Quilts which is not the same? Many thanks

  6. oh its ok!!!! you can have a few projects going on at once!!!!! ah yes, just finishing them when your inspired to work on other things is hard! it all works out though I think .
    my goal is to finish one ufo a month this year.


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