Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Already?!?

I'm fairly certain that it was just yesterday that we were all celebrating the new year - how in the world does time fly so fast? Can it possibly be March 1st already!??
Hmmm, I ought to have more to show for 2 months of 2012 than I do, I can say that for sure.

But I can show you a bit of the stitching I've done lately. The work on the mystery quilt sample continues. Terry says she needs this top in 2 weeks, and that was last week, so I've got a week left to get it finished.

I am totally loving this dark blue floral and to have it paired up with that pale polka dot - well, it's suiting me to a T.

See those little triangles? I will have many, many of those when this step of the quilt is finished. I'm going to save them all to use on a bonus project!

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I helped out at Grandma's house yesterday, cleaning a few kitchen cupboards and drawers, and that I brought home a few special treasures. Here, take a peek. I've spread them out on that quilt I brought home from Grandma's the last time I assisted her.

These are old kitchen items that Grandma used for most of her married life, which began in 1934 or 1935. The wire star is to place on a burner under the pan, to keep it off direct heat. Under it is a hot pad that appears to me made of a very solid cork or some sort of particle board, perhaps. Grandma says that one of "the kids" made it for her, and if you look close you can still see some green paint, all that remains of whatever pretty picture was painted on it. Perhaps my mother made this? Or Aunt Nancy or Uncle Bill? They were stair-step children, the 3 oldest of the 6. I will ask Mom when I get a chance to see if she recalls it.

The tin measuring cup holds 2 cups. The handle is gone, but Grandma says she used it often. Apparently, it was her go-to measuring cup. Can't you  just imagine the pancakes, the pies, the noodles and cakes whose ingredients were measured out over the course of 70-some years with this cup? Gracious!

The little biscuit cutter is perhaps the most treasured item in the group. Grandma made biscuits with this cutter, and cut-out cookies, too, I'm sure. It has a small attachment in it for cutting the center out of doughnut dough, or to make a wreath for Christmas cookies. She said she began housekeeping with this biscuit cutter. Wow.

The knife holder and knives are just an assortment that she had in her drawer by the stove. I don't have any special memories of any of them, with the exception of the middle knife on top (there are 2 knives in one slot), which is for spreading butter on bread. It's edge is not at all sharp for cutting; I just recall it always being used to spread butter. Strange the memories a kid has of her grandparents' house.

Last, the crock. It is the newest item in the group and I am fairly certain that I gave it to Grandma as a gift once I was grown and on my own. I have given a lot of these types of gifts over the years. Hillsboro, Ohio, is my hometown; it is located about 25 miles from where I live now. Besides Grandma, most of my family still lives there: 2 sisters, one brother, Mom, an aunt, an uncle, and their respective families.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. What great treasures for you...the history involved is overwhelming. You are very lucky to still have your grandma with you.


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