Monday, April 23, 2012

Book Club and Tea, Again

A week ago Saturday, my book club had our monthly get-together at Lucy and Ethel's Tea Room over in Clinton County. I've chronicles the tasty treats served by the Tea Room in a previous post about my first visit. Then, my friends from teaching went another time.

This particular day, we had several new goodies along with a few standards from before. Feast your eyes on the delights we were treated to. I didn't do a good job of writing down details about each tasty morsel, but the pictures will verify that they were, indeed, delicious.

I didn't think to take pictures until after the first course, so this is a leftover scone that was on the counter after we were finished. I have tried making scones, always with results that are too dry. These scones were as moist and wonderful as you can imagine. YUM!

Sharon P., Wendy, Vickie, Debbie and Kelly--The Biblios. Marlise was at the other end of the table. All present!

Second Course. I recall that the quiche is cheese and asparagus.

Third course: pureed vegetable soup sprinkled with paremesan.

Fourth course.

Fifth course (on the bottom): desserts.

I took a close-up of this. The cake ball was served in a chocolate molded teacup. The entire thing was edible. Cool!
Beside it, in the ramekin, is creme brulee--easily the best item on the entire menu. Our hostess has nailed this recipe!
A perfect 10!


  1. Tea with friends is always a perfect way to spend the day. Yummy goodies.

  2. Now I'm feeling really hungry. It all looks wonderful.


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