Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Barstools for Me

Last fall or winter, my sister reupholstered her barstools, so I thought I ought to try redoing my own. I had leftever foam padding from the porch cushions I made last spring; I hated wasting it, and this would be a perfect way to use it. Sunday afternoon, I got two of them done. I used all the foam I had; now I need to buy more for the remaining two stools.

The original barstool. We got these as unfinished for Christmas over 19 years ago when our house was newly built. We had a bar in the kitchen/dining area, but no proper seating for it.  DH painted them.

Two screws underneath held the seat to the frame. We removed the seats with lots of grunting--they were tough little buggers!

Spread the fabric out, wrong-side up. I was very generous in what I cut; I didn't want to find myself with too little fabric to pull into place.
Center the foam on the fabric. (I have two pieces here because I am using leftovers; it won't make any difference in the end.)
Layer the seat next. Be sure it's upside-down.

After much tugging of fabric and staple-gunning by DH, VOILA! A newly upholstered barstool!
The fabric is some dark gray that my grandmother gave me a few years back when we were cleaning out some of her sewing room. It could easily be 50-year-old fabric!

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