Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lone Star Check-In

Good Saturday morning, Lone Star Quilters! It's the 4th month of 2012 already, and our first Saturday date with one another.

A quick aside: There are several places where you can read about the history of this little venture, as well as follow our progress. Do a search of Lone Star Quilt in the search widget there on the right hand side for posts on this blog. Then be sure to do the same thing on Quilt Sue's blog. That will give you a pretty complete picture of our journey.

Here's a linky for ease of viewing one another's progress. Remember, too, to check in with my partner in crime, Sue over at Quilt Times. She is making her Lone Star from the very start, while I am working on a Lone Star UFO.

Hi Sue!! How is your quilt coming along?? :-)

Let me share the progress I've made on my version of the Lone Star, one that's called a Bursting Star.

On Monday, I dragged out all the Lone Star materials and got to work. I still had some rays that needed to be put together.

I dreaded putting these together. I felt as though it was busy work, and I had a serious mindset against tackling it. However, these went together relatively fast, and after I was finished I truly wondered what I thought the big deal was. Isn't that always the way of it? That which we dread is really not a big deal once we just do it!

A few posts back, I alluded to some "unsewing" and I will admit, I did make some bone-headed boo-boos.

I sewed two starbursts together the wrong way. Here, with my trusty seam ripper, you see the point color (on the right) is green, and the color at the other end is blue. Well, the starbursts on this quilt are supposed to be the other way. Gahhh! I couldn't believe I'd made this mistake. Thankfully, I'd only done two sets and not all five!! That would have surely seen me throwing this back in the bin for another 20 years!! (This is already a 20-year-old UFO.)

A better picture of the incorrectly sewn starbursts.

The outer starbursts are supposed to have green at the bottom of the "burst" and blue at the points.

All "unsewing" has been finished. I have the starbursts all stitched correctly and have laid all the parts out on the guest bed to see about placement of the setting blocks and triangles. 

I realize this looks pretty rough, but the cat had walked around on it, and I was only just pinning parts together. I will do a proper, prettier picture of it on the bed when it's all one completely pieced top.


  1. Just to say hope you have a lovely day today, and I look forward to popping back later to see what everyone has achieved :}

  2. Totally gorgeous. I'm going to follow along as a cheerleader. One day, when time allows, this is on my bucket list.

  3. Oh dear. I woke up this morning with a lousy cold! I've pottered around this morning, and am going to try now to do some work on my Lone Star.

    Yours is looking just great.

  4. Great progress on your Lone Star. I don't know what it is about putting a quilt together but there always seems to be a time for the seam ripper at some point in the making of one. I've already had mine out and I'm just sewing the strips together LOL.

  5. Looks Rough? My Husband after not shaving for a week looks rough. There's nothing rough about your quilt that I see. It looks great. Great progress, wow wee!

  6. Frog stitching frog stitching... oh my. It is beautiful though!


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