Thursday, April 12, 2012

Friday Frankfort Group!

I have tried all sorts of ways to identify this group I quilt with every-other-Friday. Oh well, by now I suppose we all know who we mean. And if we don't, does it really matter? It's quilting!

We were at Sheryll's on Friday morning, and all 5 of us were in attendance! So nice when we can all make it. Several of us had projects to show and tell. Let's roll!!

In early March, we all went to a quilt show in Lebanon. While there, JoAnn bought this sampler kit. I'm amazed that she has this already constructed. Here is the post detailing it. It would have been months, if not years, before I would have ever begun it. I do love it. The green doesn't show up especially well in my photo, but the large blocks - anvil, perhaps? - has this poison green color, and it is truly striking. I really like the way this finished up.

Remember the mystery quilt I made? Sheryll had made one previously, but she decided to make another one, and this is it! Really pretty. The colors are burgundy, green and white. Such a nice combination, and I still like the pattern! Click here to see the post about the mystery quilts.

Sharon had made this little Easter wall-hanging or table-topper. She was stitching the binding, and then it was ready for use!

This is a cheddar, black and brown quilt with some beige neutral, too. I really, really like this. I am all about making quilts with  large pieces lately, but this is definitely one I'd like to make when I get back in the mood for smaller pieces. Sheryll made this; she says it's a Clothesline Pattern called Battle of Atlanta.

This is another Clothesline Pattern called Chattanooga, and it is also by Sheryll.

So simple, yet such impact! I sure wish I had Sheryll's work ethic, because we still have more of hers to show!

This is a wall-hanging that she showed us. I don't know when she finds the time to do all this!! Impressive, that's for sure.

Sheryll's daughter Jessi had asked for a quilt, and selected black and white for her colors of choice. She also selected the little 9-patches, I believe. In my opinion, you just can't go wrong with a 9-patch. So simple, yet so interesting!! Here, take a look at the cool backing fabric Jessi chose:

And, the pillow cases, too!

What a nice bedroom ensemble: black and white with a splash of yellow. Nicely done!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I need some of Sharon's time and talent. Wow!

  2. Bom dia, tudo bem?
    Entrei para conhecer seu cantinho. Gostei muito de tudo que vi. Parabéns o blog está lindo. Depois passa lá no meu cantinho também, será um prazer, ótima semana pra vc, bjs


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