Tuesday, April 10, 2012

So Much To Report!

Seems like I post a lot, but after a long and busy Easter weekend, I have a full list of topics for blogging.
1. Sewing yesterday with Sharon.
2. A quick trip today to the quilt store.
3. Frankfort group get-together on Friday.
4. Getting all of Grandma's quilts posted.
5. A field trip this week to the big Quilt Show in Cincinnati.

I like making lists, so I will just follow this one. Today I will cover item #1.

Yesterday, Monday, I traveled to Chillicothe to sew at Sharon's house. I grabbed a long-ignored UFO: Mom's Birthday Signature quilt. My dilemma has been that I knew I did not have enough of the Fig Tree fabrics I wanted (Strawberry Farm and Mill Stone something-or-other). So I do what I always do when facing a dilemma: stew about it. Over the last 5 months, I have expended quite a lot of brain energy thinking about how to solve this problem.

Finally, I came to the conclusion that I would pull fabrics from my stash that mimicked the look of the 2 preferred lines in a complementary way. So I did, and it worked.

In my day with Sharon, I finished all the signature blocks. Next step: trimming to uniform size.

This is the stack I completed on Monday.

This stack was stitched about 5 months ago. Only the top 3 or 4 are trimmed.

It feels pretty darn good to be back to work on this, as I should have been finished with it by now. Mom's birthday was in early October, for heaven's sake! I would like to get the trimming done this week and then lay it out on the bed to see how I want to place the blocks. As it stands right now, I don't plan to use any sashing, but if the quilt looks like it ought to have it, then I will re-adjust my plans. The quilt will tell me what it needs, right?

Sharon is still plugging away on her bursting star blocks. She now has 5 finished. Are you still loving them? I sure am. (covet, covet)

While I was there yesterday, I realized that I'd forgotten to share a couple of things here on the blog from 2 weeks ago. Do you see some interesting yellow fabric peeking out from under the bursting stars? Well, it's a gorgeous piece of fabric that Sharon has had draped over a chair in the corner of her dining room. Inspiration for us as we stitch.

What an impact piece, right? I suppose she has 2 or 3 yards of this. It is truly a stunning piece of fabric. I have no idea what her plans are for it, and I'm not so sure she has any! But just looking at it is sufficiently satisfying, now isn't it??

Sharon also spread out a couple of her Grandmother's quilts. Since I have my own Grandma quilts on my mind, this seems a particularly timely.

Two quilts here - they go together nicely. Both hand-pieced and hand-quilted.

Unusual patterns, but this 2nd one definitely could be called a variation of a Snowball block.  Old quilts, especially when they belonged to a beloved grandmother are very, very special.

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  1. Very unique snowball quilt. And very special too. How nice to be able to sew with a friend.


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