Friday, April 6, 2012

Oh, What A Day!

I am breathless with excitement to tell you about the day I had on Wednesday! I spent a few hours with Grandma with the intention of helping her clean out a hutch. Instead, I  mentioned that sometime I sure would like to pull out all of her quilts, spread them on the bed, and take pictures of them all.

Ha! We just did it! We chucked our original plan and played in the quilts! It was delightful. I think the most enjoyable part for me was hearing Grandma's exclamations as each quilt was unfurled on the bed. She was enjoying it, too. ;-)

I am going to take a few days to work on a special page with a tab up at the top of the page where these quilts of Grandma's will be featured. For today, I will select one to feature here.

Here is Grandma and the quilt currently on her bed. It is a patriotic quilt, although in this pic it looks mostly blue and white. The inner part of each star has a patriotic fabric with red, but it's hard to see them. This quilt was hand pieced and hand quilted by Grandma, in the 1990's, we estimate.

Oh, okay, let's look at another one. *grin*

This quilt is on the guest bed and it, too, is hand-pieced and hand-quilted.


  1. What an amazing day with Grandma. Beautiful treasures from her hands.

  2. The blue quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I am looking forward to seeing more of your grandmother's quilts.

  3. You should have taped her speaking of her quits
    Can't wait to see them all

  4. What treasurers! Grandma and Her Beautiful Quilts! You are blessed!

  5. Do not want to anonymous! It is Kay AGAIN!

  6. Oh my they are wonderful! What a day for you!

  7. Stunning quilts! What a wonderful day with your Grandma.


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