Saturday, September 1, 2012

Oh Dear...

It's Lone Star Saturday again, and I'm not ready! Hey, Quilt Sue!! Help! I had to check to see if it was my month or not; thankfully, Sue has things under control.

I did not keep my promise to myself to get my Broken Star quilt top ready to take to the quilter's. At this rate, I am jeopardizing my goal of having it finished by year's end. Are any of you other Lone Star quilters doing any better than I?

I hereby solemnly swear to have a better September for work on my Lone Star, than I have had in August. It nagged me frequently, as I have it hanging on a hanger above my sewing table. So I have no excuse other than I am just really good at avoidance.

Not something I'm proud of, either.



  1. Hah! Don't you try to claim the title of Queen of Prevarication from me. That's my title, I've worked hard for it!

  2. Considering how far we all have come since starting I think a little break is completely acceptable~

  3. So Jayne, where did you find the Great Granny Square pattern, it looks like I could do it/ Thanks quiltcampanita


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