Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Bit of the Backyard Garden

Since most all of the recent pictures I've taken have ended up blurry, I am left with showing off some of DH's pretty flowers in our backyard.

I know, some of these are blurry, too.

Maybe I should get my eyes checked? I am currently satisfied with my dime store readers, but perhaps I should bite the bullet and see a doc? Maybe I just rush too much?

A lone purple coneflower behind a new variety (for us) of lily. We really like it, and wish we could remember how we acquired it.

A lily, deep red with golden centers. We love these colors. Makes a garden look so inviting.

Pampas grass in the rear, with a variety of lilies and coneflowers in front. We have a little garden architecture there, too, on the pedestal. We have had the pampas grass for so long that DH now divides it up and uses it all around the yard and down the lane.

The back of our house. We added on the screened porch in 2003 (10 years?!! Can't believe it's been that long!) See more pampas grass, a different variety, however. Also more lilies, sweet bay magnolia trees and crepe myrtle, which is just about to begin blooming.  We have a fountain there in front of the bay window, which we love (the fountain, that is; well, we love the bay window, too.) *an English teacher ought to be more precise, wouldn't you think??* 

That window above the corner of the porch is my sewing room. When the weather is nice and I open the windows, I get a good cross breeze and I get to hear the fountain. The bay window is our dining area, and we enjoy watching birds at the feeders there. We have a massive squirrel population, a direct result of birdseed, and our dog is hopeless at scaring them away.

So, the Frankfort girls were here on Friday morning. Only three of us were in attendance. It's been ages since all 5 of us have been able to attend at the same time! I will go ahead and show you the blurry pics. There are only two, so I suppose you won't mind too much.

Sheryll was working on binding her newly quilted brown and red log cabin. If you recall, she was putting this together a few months back when we were all sewing at Terry's. Click here to see.

Sharon was making a Santa stocking for one of her grandchildren. You will not believe this, but she had this entire stocking nearly done, (I should have taken a picture of it!) and realized that the sock was going the wrong way. So she is starting over. Now wouldn't you call that a labor of love? This was a complex cross stitch pattern, too! What a great gramma she is!

I have been working on my Carson's Courtyard. I will show you pictures of that tomorrow. I spent the weekend just a tad under the weather. I am feeling better now, but I have a fearsome cough and I sound like I swallowed a frog when I talk. It slowed me down, both here on the blog and on my stitching!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. I have the same issue with taking photos outside... love that pampas grass which sets off the pretty flowers so well! Your whole backyard looks gorgeous.


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