Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ten Thing This Summer

I was prepared to examine my 2013 Goals list and make an assessment of how I'm progressing through this year's planned projects. I even have a draft of it saved.

Then along came a post on Sherri's blog, A Quilting Life. She'd come across a blog that explored "Ten Things This Summer" and was inspired to follow suit. Now, I feel compelled to put aside my 2013 Goals (for a time, not forever!) and do my own "Ten Things This Summer" list.

The thing about summer is that it just seems like the time to break away from "the plan," and do some spur-of-the-moment, spontaneous stuff. Now, many of you are thinking, "Jayne, you do that all year long, not just in the summer!" And you would be right. I do that - a lot. I know! But I still think I can make good progress on my 2013 goals and still do some of this extra fun stuff.

The trick is that a couple of the 2013 goals will appear on the Ten Things list. So let's just see what I've come up with, shall we?

1. Make a Swoon Quilt - using the gray and yellow fabrics I've pulled from my stash. I bought the PDF pattern yesterday, so I am already making progress on this one! There is an online quilt-along called Swoon 2013 that I may join, just to keep it fun. Part of this is on the 2013 list - the part about making something with the gray and yellow.

2. Finish the HST quilt -  I started this at quilt camp using my Kaffe Fassett scraps. I like that I've gotten a lot already done on this, and will be happy to continue.

3. Sew with Amie - we are in the process of setting this up, so it is definitely going to happen. This is 'Amie-of-the-Postage-Stamp-Quilt' - mentioned in this post.

4. Make at least one bag - Possibly two or more. I have made two Tulip Bags already, and I have these fabrics pulled for a third.

5. Give a quilt as a wedding gift - the daughter of a friend is getting married in late September. I think I should select one of the dozens of quilt tops from my closet and have it quilted in time to give to her as a wedding gift.

6. Start quilting Erin's Diamonds - I have my grandmother's ancient quilting frame; I want this quilt to be the first thing I do on it; I have the top ready, the batting is purchased; the pearl cotton thread is also purchased; all I need to do is prepare the backing, get the frame set up and load the quilt on. I like to think that something so modern as a Kaffe Fassett quilt will be quilted on an antique frame.

7. Make Carson's Creek Courtyard - this is on the 2013 list; I have the pattern and a plentiful stash; I think it should be a fast quilt to put together.

This is my friend Terry's quilt called Carson's Creek Courtyard. 

8. Make 5-10 more Farmer's Wife blocks - I have around 25 done. I need to keep going.

9. Finish Tumbler Quilt Top - I played around with this a month or so back. It needs to be finished.

10. Work on the applique panel - this goes on the top of the Row-A-Month quilt I began about 15(?) years ago. Geesh. Finishing this quilt top is another item on my 2013 goals.

So, I think I have a diverse list here that will keep me quite entertained. Three of them are on the 2013 goals, so that's good. I won't stray terribly far from that list. There is a nicely balanced mix of UFOs and new stuff, which keeps me happy. *grin*

I am linking my Ten Things to Sherri's Linky Party, so go have a look at the lists that other quilters have created for the summer.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. You have quite a list there, but like you say, diverse enough to keep you going. I like a variety of things to work on too.

  2. Wow I am a newbie at quilting, I only started about a year ago, I can't imagine having that many complex quilts on the go at once! I can't imagine how daunting your 2013 list would be to someone like me LOL

  3. Grey and yellow SWOON... please start that one ASAP! I am over the moon with that color combination. Looks like a fun list to me!

  4. I really like Erin's Diamonds Quilt and your Tumbler quilt.... I am a nut for Kaffe Fassett fabric. Happy Quilting!

  5. Great list! I think you can do it! I love how you just put 5-10 Farmer's Wife blocks...not "make the rest of them!" Thanks for joining in!


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