Monday, July 1, 2013

Finishing Off Quilt Camp

Today, I find myself with a list of catching up items to take care of. First, I will finish off the photos from quilt camp. I will use some of my photos as well as some that camper Linda sent.

Kay was busy (when isn't she busy??) one day late in the week sewing a binding onto this quilt. I wish I had pictures of all that Kay accomplished last week, but I do not. Anyway, Kay, in her infinite kindness, has been assisting an elderly friend with her quilting. I have thought that this would be a cool thing to cover here on the blog, and I might just get around to it. The short version for now is that this friend, Dorothy, doesn't like to put on bindings, so Kay does it for her, and then Dorothy sews them down. This is a string quilt that will be given to either a friend or a family member. (All of Dorothy's quilts have been given away - mostly to grandchildren and great-grandchildren.) In the picture above, Kay is pointing out that some of these fabrics are scraps from previous ones Dorothy has made.

Are you keeping track of the number of quilts Kay has made or worked on for the week? She has had this blue and white project for about 5+ years, and I remember when she bought some of those batiks. It is called Summer Breeze - it definitely looks like its name. The finished quilt will have long setting rows of white; the resulting top will then have these windows of blue with the white surrounding them. It looks fantastic.

Let's tally up Kay's production for quilt camp: 1) borders on gray and yellow quilt; 2) Hot Tamale kit; 3) Tower Bridge kit; 4) binding on Dorothy's string quilt; 5) Summer Breeze. All this, and she still helped Rhonda with her t-shirt quilt, and went out to pick up lunch every day (time-consuming). She is amazingly productive, you know?

Moving on, I have been showing you progress throughout the last week on Linda's quilt. Here is it with most of its borders attached. She plans to use the green as the binding. I think Linda is very pleased with the results of her week at quilt camp, and rightly so!

Maria, the gal with the man's suit repurposed into framed art (see Monday's wrap-up), came on Wednesday or Thursday and worked on this bird quilt. I was not present when Maria made this, so I do not know if there is any significance to the fabric or to birds. I suppose if there is, someone will let me know. Wouldn't you love to make a fast quilt out of some of your fabrics that are just too precious to cut into tiny pieces?? This is the sort of quilt that would work perfectly.

Sherrie worked all week piecing these blocks out of Indigo Crossing fabrics. I think this quilt ended up being much more labor-intense than she expected it to be; as of Friday, she was still not sewing rows together. Instead, she was making corner and side blocks. You can be sure, though, that this will be perfect when it is finished, as Sherrie is always one of the most meticulous quilters in the room. In case I haven't mentioned it, the quilt is to be a gift to her niece who recently got married.

Anita spent the latter half of the week repairing this tied quilt. The backing was threadbare and worse, so she put a fleece layer over it and retied the blocks. She called it a reclaimed quilt, and I thought that she had a rather unique way of handling the repair.

Are you thinking that this looks like a really pretty bag?? I would have on first glance. But I knew before I saw it that it was something entirely different. When it is unfastened and unfolded, look at what you get:

It is an ironing mat that folds into an iron carry-case! The shop - Old Town Fabric Shop, that is - sells the pattern. Kelly, owner and hostess extraordinaire, shared this little gem with us. For quilters who do a lot of sewing on the road, this would be a very handy addition to the traveling cargo.

For my own quilting from quilt camp, I did not get to make any additional HSTs on Friday afternoon. Instead, I had to finish the binding on the bridal quilt we Frienzies made for Kaitlyn, whose shower was Sunday afternoon. I did get it done, but it took me all day Friday, and even a little bit on Friday evening. I handed it off on Saturday when a few of us met to go to the NQA show in Columbus.

And with that segue, I will share the NQA show pics in an upcoming post, as well as the latest from the Frankfort girls' recent meeting at JoAnn's. Additionally, I want to revisit my goals for the year, since we are halfway through the calendar year. I think I just might need to ramp up my productivity a bit.

It appears I have plenty to cover, so come on back to check on me!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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