Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Frankfort Girls

Buried in the craziness of last week was a very pleasant 3-hour visit with Terry, Sheryll and our hostess, JoAnn, in her new home on Vine Street. Sharon O. was unable to be with us. After a tour of JoAnn's lovely turn of the century beauty of a home, we had a light brunch and then stitching.

And talking.

And more talking.

We hadn't been together in several weeks! It has been even longer since all 5 of us were present.

Here are the projects we worked on while talking.

JoAnn pulled out a quilt top that she recently finished. It has a sweet story to tell. The fabric is from the clothing of a woman whose granddaughter is newly married. The bride was a high school friend of JoAnn's son, and the girl has remained close to JoAnn ever since. The girl herself at one time wanted to make a quilt of her grandmother's dresses, but never got very far on it. JoAnn worked on this as a surprise for her.

The blue setting strips are all denim from shirts. The prints and corner stones are other pieces of her clothing. Only the outer border contains fabric that is not 'Grandmother vintage.'

While we visited, JoAnn worked on this appliqued wall-hanging that was originally Terry's. (Long story short: A few months back, Terry brought a bunch of half-done projects out and let us pick through them. She'd decided that she was no longer interested in them. This is what JoAnn picked.)

Sheryll worked on this applique panel which will be a part of a larger effort called A Little Porch Time, from a book of the same name, below.

Terry was binding this darling little quilt. The simplicity of it is just so appealing. Sweet!

I regret that I did not take a picture of my project, but you've seen it before. I worked on binding the bridal quilt the Frienzies made. I had volunteered to do it and with all that I had going on, I hadn't given it the time necessary - it is a king-size quilt! So I got a good bit of it done at JoAnn's and then took it to Quilt Camp and continued there. I needed just about an hour more, so I finished it off Friday night at home.

Tomorrow will be Way-Back Wednesday, and then on Thursday, I will finally get to the NQA show in Columbus.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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