Saturday, July 27, 2013

An Ancient UFO

Some quilters are embarrassed by how long they've had UFOs piling up around their sewing rooms. And, too, the number of UFOs cause definite consternation for some. Neither of these problems have been particularly bothersome to me, however. And that is a good thing because I have many and have had for a number of years.

Case in point, these paper-pieced blocks that I began mostly just to "play around" with the technique of paper piecing. I really had no burning desire to have a finished quilt, I just wanted to use some of my wonderful fat quarters and this was a handy excuse.

Once I got tired of it, into a tub it went, and it "aged" for oh, about 15 years. Then it started gnawing at me. Taking up space in a tub and on a shelf - why, if I'd just get that back out, it wouldn't really take all that much time to finish it and have it ready for quilting. I wrote about it here.

It finally made the list of 2013 goals, and I am happy to report that I have finished the quilt top.

 It isn't very big, at just 4x5 blocks, but it was all the effort I wanted to put into it.

I added a couple of borders. It seemed to get some wonkiness, so I might have to go back and address that at some point. I had considered putting an outer border on, but this seemed to suit me just fine, so I am leaving it as it.

It feels pretty darn good to finally have something finished. It has been awhile! I think I lost a bit of my quilting "mojo" for a couple of weeks. I just haven't had much interest for some reason. Weird.

One UFO marked off the list.
One item on the 2013 list completed.
One item on the Ten Things This Summer list completed.

Wow! And it was just this one project! Cool!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. What a "productive" quilt top that one proved to be.

  2. Nice to knock off 3 in 1! I seem to have a hard time getting back into a routine after being away the 1st week of the month and am finally getting back into it. Summer is a busy time.


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