Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Whole Lot of Stitching

Thanks to the Frankfort girls, especially Terry, we spent parts of three days - big parts - sewing and shopping.

Last Wednesday and Thursday, Terry invited several of us to join her on a trip to Lavender Street quilt shop in Cincinnati, followed by lunch at the Montgomery Inn, which is just across the street. It was a wonderful trip, but it wasn't over! On our way back home we drove up to Waynesville to shop at Fabric Shack. It has been ages since I've been there, and it made me miss the days when Grandma and I would go there together.

Topping off the week, on Friday, the regularly scheduled Frankfort girls were meeting, you guessed it, at Terry's. Lots of sewing, I tell you, lots of sewing.

I want to show you the variety of projects we worked on. I had so many pictures I put them into collages to speed up the posting process.

Above are several finishes that various members of our group shared. Isn't it inspiring to see such great finishes?! It keeps me so motivated to get wonderful projects like these done, myself. The top two are Terry's and the two on the bottom are Sheryll's.

The first quilt is by Sheryll, and the rest above are by Terry. She made the two Ohio State bags while we sewed on Thursday.

In the above collage, the first quilt is JoAnn's. She made it for a recently married friend from the blouses of her beloved grandmother. It is now quilted and ready for binding. The pink and brown quilt is Sheryll's, the Easter chicken is part of a table runner by Sharon O., and the quilt in the lower right picture is Sheryll's Carson's Courtyard. I am working on my own Carson's Courtyard, so this was nice to see. I will be showing my progress on it in an upcoming post.

Above we have pieces of work from Laura. She loves reproduction fabrics and she loves quilts with teeny-tiny pieces.

 Sheryll continued working on appliqueing panels of the quilt she has been working on - A Little Porch Time.

Susan, another quilter who joined us at Terry's, worked on this fun juvenile quilt, shown in the last three pictures. The first picture is a pinwheel project Terry worked on. She finished it while I was away for a bit, so I didn't get a picture of the finish.

The first picture is one of the blocks Susan was using in her juvenile dinosaur quilt. She kept laying out parts of it on the couch, and both of Terry's dogs were quick to jump right on up to "test" them out! The top photo is of Maddie, and Millie is below.

The third picture in the collage is one of several blocks that JoAnn worked on. She had cut them out earlier, and seemed surprised that they turned out so well. The blue and brown with neutral background looks really appealing!

I mentioned above that we did some shopping on Wednesday. Well, I made a few purchases at both Lavender Street and Fabric Shack. I am still trying to keep my fabric buying to a minimum. That stash isn't getting all that much smaller, even after all the sewing I've done since retiring. Adding more to the stash seems counter-productive; I still think I need to get a few new pieces, though!

Well, come on back tomorrow! I will show you either my shopping buys or my progress on Carson's Courtyard. Stay tuned!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Such a wonderful parade of quilts and projects and of the little dogs testing out the quilts. You always need a little shopping when with quilting friends to get refreshed.

  2. What busy ladies you all are, there must be steam coming off your needles when you all get together, you all seem to achieve so much.


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