Saturday, June 28, 2014

Quilt Camp '14 - Day 4

Yours truly was unable to attend Day 4, so the first thing I did when I arrived on Day 5 was to go around and take pictures of where everyone had left off the day before. That is the best I can do for recording the progress.

First, I will show you Georgia's amazing appliqued borders. At week's beginning, she was working on the first border, and now all 4 are nearly done. Looks like leaves need to be added, and then they'll be ready to attach.

Anita's appliques are coming along, too. Here is her most recent addition to the stack.

Our third applique quilter, Linda, is working on the same project as Georgia, and her project wasn't laid out at the time, but she is also doing borders - at about the same stage.

 JoAnn's stacks of blocks continues to grow. She is well on her way to making her Kansas Troubles quilt. In case you want to make one of your own, JoAnn is using the pattern from the book below.

Kay has made significant progress on her Lorna Doone quilt by Kaffe Fassett.

 Kelly is boasting a finished flimsy with her chevron made of Shimmer fabric from Robert Kaufman. Isn't it striking? Below, she is holding up the backing fabric that will be used. Kelly's mother Cindy will be quilting this for a shop sample, and is already planning to use a fleur de lis design on it.

 Pam needed 24 hours to ponder her options on the chevron she created on Wednesday. She came back Thursday removed and repositioned a few blocks, and look what a beauty she has created!

I keep trying to get a picture here to show the true color of her fabric. Because of the lighting and my rookie status as a photo editor, I am still not getting these pictures to show just how calming the blues are in her quilt. However, this shot does show the unique, no-triangle method of creating this chevron design.

 Pat has a wonderful pile of stars and bars for her Lincoln quilt. The pattern is by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilts, and is the same one we Frienzies made for Hettie's daughter Kaitlin last year as a wedding present. Everyone who stops by Pat's table is making over the fabrics, and more than a few of us have gone downstairs to purchase some! I will tell you more about that in a future post. *wink*

 Sherrie is whizzing right along with her triangle blocks. In the photo above, she has laid out 4 of them with space left open for the stripes that will soon be added. Below is the pattern, called Hurrah! by Minick and Simpson.

Terry had made progress on Day 4, but at the time didn't have her quilt laid out for a picture. She was "mathing" - trying to figure out sizes for borders. Since I know I will be seeing her again soon, I will definitely be able to share her basket quilt in a future post.

Sheryll came and worked on Day 4, but was absent on Day 5, so again, I have no picture of her purple and white quilt. And, again, I will be with her for sewing in about a week, so I expect that I can get a picture of her finish at some point.

I have tried to be a good recorder of our week, but if any of you girls have been left out, please email pictures and details to me and I will be sure to update.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Love seeing what everyone was working on this year. Thanks, Jayne, for being a faithful recorder of Quilt Camp quilters and projects. I sure missed being there in person. It is always such a special week of sharing and accomplishment. Looking forward to Day 5 pics.


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