Sunday, June 29, 2014

Quilt Camp '14 - Day 5

The grand finale post of quilt camp! We wrapped up the week and deemed it successful. I am so very grateful to Old Town Fabric Shop for allowing the use of their spacious upstairs. What a fantastic venue for sewing non-stop. And to top it off, quilters were afforded a store discount for the week, which, I imagine, resulted in quite a few sales - I know for me it did! *grin*

So let's see what our results look like.

Lyn had been unable to make it to quilt camp all week, but she showed up on Friday with plans for making a baby girl quilt of these bright KF fabrics. Her well organized 5.5" squares will become a quilt sewn straight, but become on point through carefully  thought out cutting. I wish I had the pattern to show you what I'm talking about. I've seen it, and I want to make it, so maybe at some point I will show you.

I haven't been alone in my admiration for Pat's gorgeous quilt. Just about all of us wandered by her work station and did a fair amount of "petting" of fabric and gushing over the pattern. It warrants two looks. In the pictures above, Pat has blocks laid out on the bed in the other upstairs room. I wish I'd been paying attention and gotten a picture of the entire quilt. I am hopeful that Sherrie (her daughter) will snap one for me at some point. I will definitely show it off here if she does. *hint, hint, Sherrie!*

I am so  happy to be able to show you Georgia's Amish With a Twist with its appliqued borders attached. Wouldn't you love to have this thrown across a bed in your house? I know I would!

This quilt belongs to Georgia, too, but it was made prior to quilt camp. It's called Waves, appropriately. She has a house in Sanibel, so I am guessing that this quilt's eventual destination is Florida.

I feel like I am letting you readers down! I don't have any pictures of so many camper's end results! Sheryll, Terry, JoAnn, and my own! I guess this might not be the last we hear of quilt camp 2014. As I am able to secure pictures of these various finishes, I will update accordingly.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Woww. It must have been both fun and inspirational sewing with the other talented ladies in your group.

  2. wow what beautiful quilting going on. isnt it fun to quilt with friends? we used to have a group of 5 that met every week. what fun memories we have


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