Friday, June 27, 2014

Quilt Camp '14 - Day 3

What a quiet day! We were working so hard, and a couple of our most regular attendees had to miss for important appointments. It was quiet, but we were getting much accomplished! The pictures here will show you how much we have been getting done.

The two pictures above are Kelly's, the co-owner of Old Town Fabric Shop, where our camp is being held. She used her day off to join us in our sewing fun. The chevron rows above are made with some new fabric that shimmers - see top photo. It's very pretty and would be great for home decorating accents like pillows, throws and wall hangings.

Pam, who stopped in to visit on Day 2, came in on Day 3 with a project - this chevron quilt. She is using the same pattern I used recently on a baby quilt (click here to read about it). I love these blues. Pam isn't sure just how much bigger she is going to go with this. Her current thought is that she will stop and trim it to table runner size.

Another camper made her initial appearance on Day 3 - Linda. She is appliqueing, and is doing the same project as Georgia - Amish With a Twist.

Sheryll's diligence is paying off! Her blocks are coming together! This pattern is called Twilight Hopscotch from Kim Diehl's book Simple Comforts.

 And Terry's diligence is paying off, too. She worked so hard on her Thangles triangles, and now has begun piecing the blocks. Here is the first of her gathering baskets.

This is my beautiful red Roman Holiday fabric. I am so thrilled to finally have a project suited to this wonderful line of fabrics. I thought that cutting this piece was worth a picture.

And - at long last - my first block. I spent the entire day cutting and sorting. It was exhausting! Finally, at around 4pm, I began stitching. This block is the result. Then it was time to pack up and call it a day. Ack! I am so ready to begin churning out these Ohio Star blocks. I will need 42 of them.

And, unfortunately, I will not be attending Day 4. I have Historical Society on Thursdays, and I must not miss - we have much to accomplish on that project, so I am giving up a day at camp.

Come back for the wrap up of Day 5.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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