Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Study of Thimbles

Let me just warn you from the get-go - this is a ridiculously trivial post.

My recent whining about sore digits led me to consider the ever-so-humble thimble. A couple of comments came in regarding methods of protecting fingers, and I so appreciate them.  I dug around to see what I had on hand.

This is the thimble I have been using. It is so worn that the needle often gets stuck in the same hole time after time. Why I don't break down and get out a better thimble, I do not know. I guess I just want to get all the use possible out of the thing. I try to slide it around a bit on my finger so that some other spot will do the work, but it always slips back.

I have a plethora of thimbles with similar holes that have poked all the way through. I may need an intervention; why I have held onto these used/useless thimbles?

That white one on the left can be worn either way, so I get double usage out of that style.

The sad fact is that I have a brand new one on hand that I ought to be using. Then I wouldn't have the grief I'm having with the current one.  

Maybe I could get just one more session's use out of it?

I suppose that is my thinking. I've never been one to be overly penurious, but I just hate to waste a bit of a perfectly good thimble. They only wear out in that one spot, after all.

I opened the new thimble. It feels tight, stiff and uncomfortable. Breaking in a new thimble is a new kind of aggravation.

It feels a bit more comfortable this way. Still tight, though.

Listen to me complaining because my thimble doesn't suit me.

Wonder what I'd do if I had real troubles??

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Hi Jayne: just a tip: when those prairie thimbles start to wear out, just put a dime inside to protect your fingertip and continue quilting!


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