Friday, October 17, 2014

My Very First Give-Away

About a month ago I wrote a post about some really awesome aspects of blogging. The top item on that list is the subject of today's post. Click here to go back and check it out.

As a result of my even earlier posts (July) about the contents of my grandma's quilt closet, I received an email from Marianne Jones, the author of a sweet children's book called Great-Grandma's Gifts. Marianne said that she'd seen my posts about Grandma and all her quilts and sewing supplies, and she thought I'd be interested in her book about her own dear grandmother.

 Great-Grandma's Gifts tells the story of Arlene, the narrator's great-grandmother. The twist, though, is readers are told about Arlene as a little girl who loves her doll Maggie. Arlene's mother makes her dresses with pretty fabrics and then Arlene uses the scraps to make clothes and quilts for Maggie.

Arlene grows up and becomes a busy mother, but she still has a love for sewing. Now she sews clothes for her children. The story continues and Arlene becomes a grandmother and a great-grandmother. She makes clothes, toys and quilts for her family. The book is just as darling as can be, with lots of sensory details and color-recognition activities.

It's been in the works for quite awhile, and now all details have been coordinated; I can finally invite you to join in for a book give-away. Marianne will provide a signed copy of Great-Grandma's Gifts to one lucky reader here! Click below to enter. The winner will be randomly selected on November 1.
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