Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Everything But Quilting Post

When the only sewing one does is hand quilting, there isn't a whole lot to share on the blog. Day after day, picture after picture of the same quilt in the frame. Progress is just pretty darn slow. I am making progress, though; have no doubt about that! I am thrilled to say that I have moved the quilt on the frame, and am working my way toward a border. Hooray!

Since the quilting is rather slow and dull, I will share with you some of the other fun stuff I've enjoyed in recent days.

First, DH and I have been having "dates" periodically. We have enjoyed 3 drives around beautiful southern Ohio - first to Tar Hollow, followed a couple of weeks later to Hocking Hills, and just last Friday to Rocky Fork Lake. What a beautiful region we live in here in Ohio. And this fall has been spectacular as far as weather goes - warm and sunny - that makes for nice leaf color.

Ash Cave in Hocking Hills; it's a spectacular place to visit.
Rocky Fork Lake; this is near my hometown of Hillsboro.

Besides site-seeing, I have been refinishing some furniture. I recently picked up two smallish dressers at a neighborhood tag sale - got them for a steal. I  have stripped the paint and need to commence some very intense sanding in order to prepare to paint. These dressers will likely go in my sewing room and will contain some of the clutter I have laying about (shocked to hear about the clutter, aren't you?? Nahhh, not so much, I suppose.)
During. When finished, I will share the 'After' picture.
Another fun thing I did was take a calligraphy workshop. A group of artists in our town have organized to present artistic opportunities for the community, and this 2-hour class was one such endeavor. Calligraphy is something I have always wanted to learn, so I was very eager to go. Now I have to be eager about practicing; one doesn't just pick up a calligraphy nib and write beautifully.

Spark! is a newly-formed group in town that hopes to make art more accessible.

My humble efforts; "make the letters dance on the page" the instructor told us.
Finally, I will show you what I made last night for dinner - Stuffed Pumpkin. It was quite good -  savory and full of flavor. The recipe I followed came from Epicurious, I am thinking of making it again for a time when we have guests - maybe at Thanksgiving. The trick is to find a pumpkin the right size and keep it until then. Most of the pumpkins get snatched up by Halloween in these parts, so I need to get on it.

Trips with hubby, furniture refinishing, cooking fun stuff, art workshops and quilting - those are some of my activities when I'm not teaching, grading essays or writing for the Historical Society. I seem to stay busy.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. That sounds like a very well balanced life. You're doing lots of interesting things, even if they are not sewing. And it is fun to hear about them, so don't worry. The pumpkin recipe looks neat, I think I'll look into it

  2. Well it looks like you've been having fun. The pumpkin looks yummy and I've bookmarked the recipe for next time my DIL is visiting as she's a vegetarian, so it would be a good thing to cook for her.


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