Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Having A Little Fun

Do you spend way too much time on Pinterest? I'm afraid I do. It's just so darned inspiring, though. I get so many quilting ideas and crafting ideas and well, you know...

I actually made something I saw on Pinterest last night. Well, let me clarify. I saw it several nights ago; I made it last night. If you click this link you will see the block that inspired me. It originated at this site.

Here are the fabrics I pulled.

Twelve HSTs and four squares later, I had my block! Easy peasy, and so good looking!

Fun and fast. And a nice diversion from other stuff. I have not worked on the quilt I wrote about yesterday. Maybe tomorrow for that. I just wanted a little change of pace. This was just the ticket.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. I haven't joined Pinterest for the reason you've outlined - I'd waste more time there! I already spend too much time on Facebook and Instagram, time I could be sewing! I still like reading blogs too. Instagram I do find very inspiring though seeing people's ideas for quilts and decorating. Pinterest would just be another distraction from actual doing!


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