Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Visit To Marilyn's

When I was a child, our family used Sunday afternoons for visiting. We'd visit grandparents or aunts and uncles - which often meant . . . cousins! Occasionally, we'd visit close family friends or take a drive to some scenic locale. I will use this Sunday to take you on a visit to Marilyn's sewing studio. You may recall that Marilyn is my mother's first cousin who is active in the Loose Threads Quilt Club down in Peebles. I visited that lovely group of quilters in September, and took these pictures of Marilyn's quilting projects when I stopped by her place afterwards to say hi to Uncle John and Aunt Nina.

Marilyn is quite accomplished at applique, and this wall hanging shows off her skill. Allow me to take a moment to apologize for the clarity of my photos. I inadvertently had my phone/camera set on video rather than snapshot. It's taken me all this time to figure out how to make a picture out of a video. Finally, DD2 suggested doing a screen capture. I did, and now I have to make the best of what I got. (This is a direct result of my not having my reading glasses handy. I couldn't see the settings on my phone! Oh, the pitfalls of aging!)

But I digress. Just be prepared to enjoy some fuzzy pictures today, that's all.

Marilyn's design wall had these two lovelies adorning it -- more evidence of applique. She says it's her new love.

And even more applique! These panels are prepped for an eventual quilt.

These two pieced quilts are more of the sort of quilting I do. Aren't they fantastic? The colorful basket quilt is full size and is hanging on the wall in the dining area.

This pinwheel quilt is another of Marilyn's pieced quilts. If I remember correctly, it is a small quilt - either a table topper or wall-hanging size. This just might be "talking" to me - getting itself on my to-do list, perhaps. I just love it.

So there's a Sunday visit for you. I sure had a nice visit that September afternoon. Aunt Nina is so proud of Marilyn's quilts. She just beams when she shows them. While I was there, Uncle John came in from a golf game, and he's just as proud. The work quilters do sure makes a lot of people happy, wouldn't you say?

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Thanks Jayne. I really enjoyed showing you my recent projects and think it's neat that you posted them on your blog. Happy Quilting! !

  2. That's one talented lady obviously. I love the applique blocks with the fat little birds on that are on the design wall and would love to see a photo of the top when it's finished if possible?


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