Saturday, October 25, 2014

Two More Wishes Blocks

I've been gadding about - flitting from one project to another and finishing nothing. But, hey, I'm having fun, so there you go. About a week ago, I finished the August block and the October block for the Wishes Quilt Along. This brings me up to date on 10 months of blocks. Here they are parading across my wall.

I print off the pattern, then cut the entire block out. Then I know I have enough fabric to get it made. Some of these fabrics are running low, so I am having to be frugal.

The August Block was fast and easy, but I did take some liberties with the fabric placement. The directions called for more variety in the fabrics, but because I am running low, I had to conserve a bit. I don't think it matters since it's my quilt! August's block is called Mrs. Taft's Choice.

The October block is one I've seen made up in lots of color options at various places, especially on Pinterest. I was really glad to get a chance to make it. It's called Idaho Beauty.

So now if I want to I could go ahead and get started on the outer border which is a checked 4-patch that looks very nice. It will require pieces of all my fabrics, so I hope I have enough left to finish. I also need setting strips and an inner border, and I may have to pull a creamy white from my stash, depending on the amount required.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. The colors all blend so nicely...beautiful!

  2. It's your quilting life, so feel free to gad about as much as you want!


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