Monday, October 13, 2014

My Own Worst Enemy

I don't think I have very many enemies. And who needs enemies, when I can foil my own efforts better than any foe could.

I had time this weekend to work on sewing a quilt top together. I'd worked at finishing the setting triangles through the week and had everything set for laying out the quilt and stitching it all together.

I didn't get any of that done. Why? Because I couldn't find the blocks. What?!? The blocks were missing? How could I lose a dozen pieced blocks and six setting blocks? And they aren't tiny 6-inch blocks; they are 12.5-inch blocks! Too big to just misplace! Talk about being frustrated!

The quilt I am working on is the Tell It To The Stars quilt along project that I began in January through a blog I follow called Patchwork Times.

Here are my setting triangles. What a lot of pieces! And biases! It was just slightly unnerving to work with so many bias edges.

Corner Triangles

Side Triangles

I made 10 side triangles along with the four corner triangles. All pieced. They will look fantastic in the finished quilt, which I have now seen on the quilt along blog.


I hope Judy, the blog host, doesn't mind that I grabbed her picture. Isn't this going to be a spectacular quilt? I am getting kinda' excited to get mine finished.

And that takes me back to spending an entire weekend trying to figure out where I'd put my blocks. I dug and dug. I rooted through piles and closets. I cleaned off the corner of my sewing desk. I put away some fabrics. I folded things and tidied up - not overly much, but some. I opened drawers and looked in project bags. The more I looked without success the more aggravated I became.

Finally, last evening I decided that I was going to open every tub in the sewing room - no small task. I've got little tubs with individual projects. I've got medium-sized tubs with a myriad of things. They seem to be the catch-all tubs. And I've got large tubs containing fabric. In one of those medium-sized tubs, about the 7th one I opened, I found my blocks. It was around 9pm; too late, in other words, to get very much done on sewing the quilt top together. I sort of remember putting that stuff in the tub - I was just cleaning off a surface and instead of putting things away logically, I just piled a bunch of stuff in an empty tub.

One of 12 star blocks

One of 6 setting blocks

Good grief. Imagine what I could do if I'd just get myself organized!

So now I'm back to a Monday, a busy work week, and a project that I'm dying to finish! Here's a quick peek at what it will look like (minus the setting strips).

See what I mean about being my own worst enemy? I spin my wheels because I can't bring myself to straighten up my sewing room, have a place for everything and keep everything in its place. 

I've always been this way so I don't see myself changing my habits any time soon. Oh well.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Ah, but doing it your way, there's always a chance that you might also come across some long forgotten, half finished treasures while looking for the things that started it!


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