Sunday, October 5, 2014

Shop Hopping

On Friday the Frankfort Girls were supposed to come to my house for sewing, but instead we loaded up and headed out for Dayton's Nutter Center for Ohio One Stop Shop Hop. I think it was a successful event, judging by both the number of shops present, and the nice crowd--not too crowded, but I'm sure the vendors were pleased.

I took a few pictures and made a few purchases. I asked all the vendors pictured here if they were okay with my taking a picture of their booths, and every single one was just as pleasant and sweet as could be. It sure makes me happy to be a member of such a friendly quilting community. Gives me warm fuzzies!

Back Door Quilts, from Greenwood, IN.

The view from the registration desk as we entered.

Neff's Country Loft from Belpre, OH.

A view down one row; this was just before lunch time, so the crowd was manageable.

Caroline's Cottage Cottons from Rome City, IN.
I made some stash enhancements during the course of my morning. I didn't go overly crazy, but I did give in to the urge for retail therapy.
Ten fat quarters in fall colors.
A clever way to package fat eighths. One is Snow Bird/Moda; the other assorted neutrals.

Gray linen-look fabric; I have a quilt brewing in the back of my mind; this would be the neutral.
Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. What a clever idea someone had to gather a number of traders together in one place. Of course, all your purchases were made in the true spirit of supporting them so they'll do it again, weren't they?

  2. Wish I had know about this. It would have been a nice day trip.

    Caroline's Cottage is in Rome City, IN, not rose City. Just in case anyone is looking for it on- line:-)

  3. Thanks, Peggy! I fixed the boo-boo, and I appreciate your bringing it to my attention!


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