Monday, July 4, 2016

Celebrate Freedom!

The celebrating of our Independence Day is rather damp today - rain, rain, rain. But the crowd we hang out with did the big picnic and fireworks event last evening, and all went off without any problems. The only complaint was that we were cold! What??!!!? A cold Sunday in July?!? Yessirree. We all wore jackets and wrapped up in blankets. (No quilts were harmed or misused in the course of our celebrating.)

We had a great visit yesterday afternoon with DD Erin, DSiL Jeff, and his mom, Char. Casual conversation on the screened porch (we got cold out there, too!), after which we all headed over to friends for the picnic and fireworks. Great fellowship, great food and great display of 'boomers and poppers' in the sky.

Today and tomorrow I will put much of my energy toward working on the long segments for Elisa's quilt. I have been steadily working on it, but need to amp up the pace this week, if possible.

I believe I have run this picture before, but it's been awhile; I  have many segments similar to these that now need to be sewn into the long columns.

I  have figured out how to quilt as I go with this project. I am going to make long 'quilt sandwiches' of those columns and machine quilt vertically. After each column is quilted, I will attach the top layers by machine, and then hand stitch the back closed.

I serious doubt that my explanation is as coherent to a reader as it is to me in my head; I will demonstrate it more fully when I get to that point.

Happy Independence Day, and Happy Quilting, Friends!

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