Thursday, July 21, 2016

Frankfort Girls

Last Friday we met at Jan's for sewing and fellowship. All were present with the exception of Terry, whose husband was recovering from recent knee-replacement surgery. We had a productive morning, so let's take a look at the various projects we were working on.

Our hostess Jan had a finish to share. She makes Crown Royal bags into quilts. Jan and her husband own a golf course; they serve Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey at the clubhouse. (I could spread rumors and tell you that Jan has a drinking problem; I'm ornery, but not that ornery! *wink*)The fabric is flannel; she deconstructs the bags, cuts the squares, adds a second flannel fabric in a pleasing color, and comes up with a bundle of gorgeousness like you see above.

A variety of deconstructed Crown Royal bags. 
A bag in its original state. Jan is deconstructing one in the background.
Sheryll was working on this rather ambitious applique quilt. Impressive, for sure. I always feel that these sorts of patterns are just more than I can handle, for some reason. They intimidate me. But it sure is gorgeous. Sheryll hopes to enter this into her guild's upcoming quilt show.

Above, JoAnn is completing the binding on her All In A Row quilt. Do you recall that we all made this quilt at the Canter's Cave retreat back in April? I had trouble with my outer border, but eventually got it all worked out. Both JoAnn and Sharon O. have theirs quilted and bound (or nearly bound).

Above is Sharon's version. She finished her binding while we were together and showed off her finish.

Makes me want to get mine quilted. Maybe soon.

I worked on finishing that hexie table topper - it started out as 2 small ones, but I decided they'd have more impact as one big one. It has been fun stitching.

After I had added quite a few hexies, I stopped to see my progress. The only good place to lay it out was on the floor by the table where we were working. Ha! Look at Jan's kitchen floor! Hexies! I posted this pic to both FB and IG with the caption 'hexies on hexies."

Now we are all caught up on the Frankfort girls!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. I can just about make my husband a quilt with his own bags!


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