Friday, July 15, 2016

Making Adjustments

Further preparation for all the machine quilting I am beginning involves setting my machine up in such a fashion as to make it as easy as possible to accomplish the job.

I've noticed that with previous quilting projects I've done, it has been difficult to overcome the drag that the weight of the quilt gives me as I guide it through the machine. Now most of my projects are small and don't cause a great problem for me, but I knew that with this upcoming quilting I will be doing, it would definitely cause me some grief.

I put my brain to work trying to figure something out, and here is what I've come up with.

I've always kept a TV tray next to this table. Generally, the sewing machine is on the table (facing the other direction), and the TV tray would be on my left and serves to hold just whatever. When quilting, it holds the weight of the quilt, but because it is shorter, the drag was problematic. I got to thinking about the difference in the heights of each surface. It appeared that the TV tray was shorter than the table at about the same amount as the sewing machine's detachable shelf was from its base.

If the sewing machine were to be turned around and set up on the TV tray and the shelf set up edge-to-edge to the taller table, then I would very likely eliminate the drag. Another benefit is that the lower sewing machine is going to give my shoulders relief as I quilt. I should find myself much more comfortable even after quite a long haul at the machine.

This picture shows just how even the two surfaces are. I am pretty happy to have figured this out. Maybe someday I will get a proper table with a dropped shelf surface for my machine, but until that time, I think this will be an adequate temporary fix.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. It's good to stop and think about how to arrange equipment for efficient, pain-free quilting. I found a helpful video on you tube by a lady who cut insulating foam to create a level surface around her machine. She covered the foam with a sheet of heavy duty plastic so her quilt moved easily. Sorry I don't have the link to share.


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