Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Pretty Pictures

I have had some pictures to share for awhile now, and since I don't have any really awesome stuff to show you from my sewing room, I figured today would be a good time to bring you a few non-quilting pictures of various goings-on around my world.

Most morning DH and I drive over to Frankfort and walk on the very well-maintained bike path. We started going in May very regularly, and have gone from just over 2 miles each time, to 3 miles, and occasionally 4 miles. I like to stay around 3 miles; that seems like just enough, and I don't feel completely wiped out like I do when we do 4 miles. DH is a runner, so he walks with me for a bit and then runs a portion of his routine.

Anyway, the picture above is of a cornfield that we pass. I notice on exceptionally bright mornings that the sun glistens off the corn, giving off an almost twinkling, gleaming appearance. It is quite a pretty sight, and it made me think of the way the sun glistens on the ocean. So I went back through pictures from our June Myrtle Beach trip to bring a sunny, glistening picture of the Atlantic.

Now, not all of our walks occur on the Frankfort bike path. Over this past weekend, to change things up a bit, we drove to Chillicothe where there is a very nice flood wall along the Scioto River. We had no plans for going over 5 miles, but since we were there, and it'd been ages since we'd been to the end of the path, we went for it. Five and-almost-a-half-miles later, totally exhausted, I collapsed into the car. Here is a picture DH took of the scenic Scioto River.

He used the panoramic view to take the picture, but in translating it to Blogger, I've lost some of the effect. Still pretty, however.

Finally, I will show you a cute little school house we found tucked away on Lake Erie's Put In Bay Island -- we visited there about 2 weeks ago for a quick getaway.

I do get out of the sewing room, and I do see some pretty sights. Nothing terribly awe-inspiring, but I hope these were as appealing to you as they were to me.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Thank you for sharing the photos from your walks. Beautiful country.


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