Friday, July 1, 2016

Hello, July

Incredibly we are turning the calendar for the seventh time in 2016. I must have blinked or something.

This morning I headed out to Terry's house for our Frankfort Girls morning. I took along an old UFO that was so close to being completed, I am embarrassed to admit that I hadn't gone ahead with finishing it.

So now the quilting is done, and I will go straight to binding it after posting this.

This little quilt began back in mid-November at Sherrie's Veterans' Day event. I was trying out Thangles for the first time, and this is the result. A short summary is here.

Then in December, I made the quilt sandwich and put it in a quilting frame. If you read this post, you can see that I had good intentions about working on this.

Fast-forward 6+ months, and I now have my little quilt ready for binding - at last.

In other news, I continue to quilt on the 6-point star quilt, and I have been making good progress on the king-size quilt for Elisa. I have also taken possession of another bag of t-shirts for yet one more commissioned project. Yikes!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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