Thursday, March 16, 2017

Fifth Swoon Block

I'm really having fun making these big 24" Swoon blocks. Why I "dithered" so long about it, I will never know. It's really rather ridiculous how sometimes we can marinate in an indecisive stew for so, so long. There may come a time when I do get around to making the 16" blocks, but for now I am 100% thrilled with my big'uns.

I have had to stop working on these in order to do some other pressing tasks, so perhaps this weekend I will get back to making the final 4 (Final Four - ha! - that's timely, you know!) *grinning*

I spent Tuesday working on my Small Tumblers UFO and got to check that off the March list. Then in addition to university classes on Wednesday, I had to read a book for book club - yes, the whole book. After waiting too long to get it from a library hold, I ordered it for my Kindle app and nearly read all of The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper. Easy, pleasant story. Sweet characters and a wonderful story of finding oneself after the death of a spouse. We had a nice discussion this morning at our meeting.

Now, do I get back to work on Swoons, or do I tackle those two baby quilts? Neither of them would take long to finish. And, guess what? I have recently learned of another baby due in July that will need to have a quilt, as both his sisters have gotten one. I must get these made and then get a few made ahead! All these young people from our children's generation are popping out babies, so I am sure a few put back would be a very smart idea.

Stay tuned for what I come up with; there surely is never any lacking in projects, you know.

I will join in the fun over at Needle and Thread Thursday, although I've very nearly missed getting a post up today. I've been sporadic, I know.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. You are one busy quilter! I've never done Swoon blocks, but I think they are lovely. Maybe, once I've finished up some on-going projects, I'll try my hand at them.


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