Monday, March 27, 2017

The Baby Quilt

Last evening when I finally got around to posting for the day, I looked for the pic/post about the baby quilt I worked on last week. Guess what? I never posted it. Today, I shall remedy that little oversight. Click here to get the backstory (insignificant as it is).

I thought it was finished on Wednesday or Thursday, whatever day it was. Then as I began dealing with what remained of the remnants on Saturday, I had enough fabric to complete one more row - so I did. It was 8x9 rows; now it is 9x9 rows. The great thing about doing this is that I have virtually NO remnants left of this quilt, and what I do have has been used in 4-patch blocks that I will eventually use - someday.

I guess there's one more great thing - my backing still fits. The quilt top measures 41" square. The backing measures 60" x 44". I will have to be cautious about that short side, but I think I can do it. I will be getting some 505 Spray Baste, and there won't be any shifting as I quilt. Plus, the extra on the 60" side will become my binding. *grin*

This quilt is significantly smaller than the first one I made of these fabrics; I hope new baby brother won't be too disappointed. Having "the same, but different" quilts is pretty cool, and I hope the recipients think so, too. I hope to quilt it ASAP.

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Happy Quilting, Friends!

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