Wednesday, March 29, 2017

More Remnants; Another Baby Quilt

The posts to this blog of late have had a certain theme going through them, have you noticed? I've suddenly been tidying up remnants of previously made quilts and I've had a few baby quilts to make. Here's the latest from my sewing machine.

Ohio State remnants from a lap quilt I made for my mother at Christmastime have now been put to use in a baby quilt.

This new baby is already past 2 months of age; I figure I'd best be getting his quilt made and delivered. (I've never been one to get things done in advance, sadly.) I spent a good while considering what sort of pattern I would create from the remnants, and I've arrived at chevrons.

All day yesterday, while sewing at Terry's I made the units/blocks - 6" squares and laid them out on Terry's bed in a straight set. At the time this satisfied me. But this morning, I have had a new thought: chevrons. I did a chevron layout on an earlier baby quilt (click here to see it). I like the on point layout better than a straight set. Above, I have the chevrons crossing the bed lengthwise. I then moved around some blocks so that the chevrons would cross the quilt width-wise.

This width-wise setting will be what I end up doing. I need to make a few more blocks. (And, yes, I did see that one misplaced block.) The side triangles will be gray. I have several wide pieces of the OSU fabric for a nice, strong border. The back will be the same flannel that I used on Mom's quilt. (click here to see)

I am well on my way to finishing off the baby quilt. Maybe by the weekend I can be done with the top. Then this, too, will be need to be quilted and I intend to do it myself with 505 Spray Baste. (I know this stuff is going to be a huge game-changer for me!) Stay tuned to see all that. I've ordered the spray baste, so will stay busy with other things while waiting for it to arrive.

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Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. That is so cute - Grey and red is a great color combo ;-)

  2. The colors look so bright and fresh. The baby will love it!


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