Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March UFO Finished

Three-for-three. Rarely do I have such a rate of staying caught up. We began the year with a UFO challenge - "we" being the Frankfort Girls - and late last night I finished the March goal, making my finish rate 100%. *Yeah!*

We drew the number 7 for this month, and on my list that was the quilt I call Small Tumblers. (I also have a UFO called Large Tumblers, thus necessitating a distinction.) I began this quilt back in 2013 - read about it here, after buying the Tumbler template.

I'd worked on this earlier in the month, getting the center portion completed (click here to review). It has been hanging on the design wall ever since. My brain was working out what the next step or two would be. I knew I wanted a somewhat narrow inner border. I was thinking yellow or orange, but I ended up going with the pastel purples you see above. I had to do the top and bottom in one design, and the sides in the other.

I trimmed the tumblers and added the inner borders. Then more decision-making. I had considered making an outer border of 3 rows of tumblers. However, I wanted to be done, so I tossed that idea and began auditioning options.

Option 1 - primarily yellow floral.
Option 2 - primarily red/pink floral.

Option 3 - primarily blue/pink floral.
And the winner is...

Option 1 which is called Iris and Peony. I just love how it looks. It is a great way to keep those lovely blooms and leaves in tact.

This picture quality is terrible (I am unable to access my editing program; needing help), but trust me, it is lovely. This is a nice-sized twin bed quilt, measuring 58"x82".

This picture looks somewhat better. When I was making the tumblers, I was using up scraps, so there is tremendous randomness to the fabrics used. The pastel background of the borders helps calm all that chaos down, and the wonderful floral outer border adds lots of pizzazz. I am very pleased and glad I didn't fuss with adding a tumbler outer border. That would have taken too much time with very little impact, I fear. This was the better way to go.

I'm joining the fun over at Sew Fresh Quilts for her Let's Bee Social link party. Go take a look! :)

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Love the borders you ended up using, very pretty! Seems to make all the blues in your tumblers 'pop'


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