Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sharon Moved Some Mountains

When the two of us sewed together here on Tuesday, I worked on the 4-patch baby quilt which I described my last two posts. Wait till you see what Sharon worked on!

These gorgeous blocks are the 24 Delectable Mountains for her Elizabeth quilt. They are scrumptious! The pinks in my version are cotton-candy pink, while Sharon's is deeper and dustier. I think it's much more dramatic, actually.

This picture from two weeks ago shows her first Delectable Mountain block, so this week she made the remaining 23. Bit by bit Sharon is closing in on all the parts for Elizabeth and the setting-together will begin. So close.

Next Tuesday, we will be sewing at Terry's house, and Sharon plans to make the 4-patch units and the triangle units. Big blocks; they they will go together quickly.

I'm late getting a blog posted today, folks! I opted to spend the day finishing the scrappy baby quilt over blogging. (Sometimes, ya' just gotta' sew.) The baby quilt is now a flimsy. Whoo-hoo!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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