Sunday, March 19, 2017

Slow Sunday Stitching

I'm super-stoked to show you my Sunday stitching today because a week ago, I had no plan or intention of even touching it! Yes, this old UFO was destined to be a forever-UFO, until I had to produce a small project for the Corey Yoder workshop yesterday. This was the closest thing I could find to the suggestions she provided in her seminar details.

My little quilt measures 23" x 17.5" and is made of leftover HSTs from a previous project. I've had this little flimsy sewn together for a good while - over 4 years, I know, because I made it in the previous sewing room and that move happened in 2013. Anyway, it's been skirting my sewing table (attached with masking tape), just for aesthetics.

After hearing Corey's talk, I decided to use 4 colors of quilting thread on my quilt, so I bought what  you see above along with the needles: Aurifil 12 wt. thread and Tulip embroidery needles #7 size.

We marked our lines with water-soluble pens and began our work. The 40 or so women who attended the workshop were busy-busy-busy!

I did a bit more stitching last evening and then finished the quilting, trimmed the excess and attached the binding today. What a nice, unexpected completion for March! Yay! I will add, in hindsight, I think I should have just used the purple thread, as the other three colors are so light that they have very little impact. I will need to work on making stitches more consistent in their length and spacing. Actually, I have old habits to break, as I did my own version of big-stitching on Erin's Diamonds last October-December. I suppose it's a "quilt as desired" sort of thing.

I will link up with Kathy at her weekly Sunday Stitching party. I hope you'll take some time to stop in and peek around.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. It's a fantastic finish!
    For me, it's a "quilt however it turns out" kind of process :)

  2. Very Sweet! Always nice to turn a top into a Real Quilt.

  3. How serendipitous. Maybe it's not a 4 year old UFO and instead you were just soooo prepared you got the top done early. :)

    I'm really glad to see someone else dates things by figuring out where they were when they created it.

  4. Your sweet scraps coordinate nicely. I recently started using Tulip needles. They are awesome. Another coincidence is that I remember time frames by when we moved.

  5. Wow! It's so pretty! Your stitches are so straight and even! One day, when I grow up, I want to quilt like you do! :)


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