Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Goodbye February; Hello March!

Welcome to March! In true folklore fashion, it came in like a lion. Our winds were fierce last evening; and overnight we even went to the basement because of a tornado warning. Yours truly did not get much sleep last night, so bring on the caffeine.

That's the worst complaint I can make though, and some folks all too near to us did have some damage. I am just now beginning to see some reports on social media of roofs off barns, trees and power lines down, and roads closed due to flooding. Our electric only flickered once, thankfully.

As we begin a new month, I like to review the accomplishments of the previous month and take a look at my list (arbitrary, as it is) to see what lies ahead.

I feel like February was not overly productive, however, I helped my daughter make a baby quilt and I taught 2 sewing/quilting classes, which requires some prep work ahead of time. So while I did finish Emma's baby quilt, teaching doesn't actually result in finishing things. It is still sewing, though, and I'm glad to be doing it.

The UFO for February was to finish the quilt top of Lorraine, which I did rather handily. It was such a fun quilt to make, and is sure brightened the gray days of the month.

I spent a lot of time hand quilting, another task that is slow to show results. I am working on borders now, so this is steadily coming along. While I quilted on this, I watched Broadchurch, a BBC series available on Netflix. That was fun. After I finished that series (it was only 2 seasons), I started The Crown, also on Netflix. I am really enjoying it.

The baby quilt Emma wanted for her friend is another finish I am going to take credit for - and this was not even on my radar when the month began! It was such cute quilt, and I love seeing what the younger generation prefers.

And, for the two classes, I do have some things that will be useful. The little butterfly table topper is finished and ready for summer on the porch; the Drunkard's Path parts, well, we shall see what happens with them. *grin*

Now, what does March have in store? Well, the UFO for this month is #7, and for me that is what I call "small tumblers." (I also have a large version that is also a UFO.) I have pulled it out and have begun working on it.
In this tub - labeled, even! - I have all the parts to this UFO. And let me tell you, I don't know what I was thinking when I was making these! I have two separate parts and a pile of tumblers. Now why would I have made two part? I am clueless as to the thought process for this. Seems rather odd to me now.

The part pictured above is the smaller of the two. If I planned on connecting these two parts, I would have thought I'd have made them the same width, but no, I didn't. Good grief.

Back to the list...In addition to UFO #7, I also have a couple of items that were on February's list and that appear again on March's list. I just didn't get to them last month. Baby quilts for two babies must be completed. I also want to make something my mother requested, and I'd like to get started on the wall hanging that Emma requested.

And while all those are on the list for this month, yesterday I did this:

This gorgeous star is the center of a Swoon block. Yes, I decided I needed to start, so I did. The pattern I have is the original one which makes a huge block - like 18 or 24 inches. This star is the center of the block and it measures 12.5". Stay tuned for more Swoon fun throughout the month.

I am going to link up to Let's Bee Social; if you have some time, go browse the neat-o stuff other quilters are creating.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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