Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Fabric Box

On Saturday and Sunday, when I was cutting and sorting scraps, I found a few pieces of remnant fabrics that were rather large and decided to try something I'd recently seen on a blog I follow. The little fabric box I made is a perfect use for old remnants, and I am sure to make some more. With two 10" squares of fabric, a piece of batting and 4 buttons, anyone can make these.

The black and white toille is leftover from my niece's wedding quilt. I haven't the foggiest notion of what the pink is from. But, the two together make a fine-looking little box. I plan to use this as a little waste bin near my chair in the family room. When I take hand stitching downstairs to work on, I always create a little "nest" of clippings on the end table, which often finds its way to the floor. This will keep the bits contained. Plus, it will hold my spool of thread, little scissors, needles, and thimble in the journey to and from the sewing room.

The idea came from Sister's Choice Quilts blog, which I have followed for ages - at least a decade. The instructions in the link she provided worked very nicely, and in her post one day later, she links to a video tutorial. Any beginner could make this little box - not much skill is required, nor time either, for that matter. Check out the link to see the creative ways Nicole suggests for using the boxes.

I've got a full day today, Peeps. I have about 30 essays to grade for my university classes. I want to stop by the AAA offices to see about arranging a train trip to Montana in late June. If I can accomplish all that, then the rest of my week can be devoted to the many WIPs I have piled around my sewing room.

My sewing room window is open just a few inches, and while the morning chill hangs in the air, the birds are in full-throated choral mode. The sun is shining and the skies are crystal blue. I just love April! Enjoy your day!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Your box is adorable Jayne! I can think of so many cute ways to use these little things. I want one for sewing notions, one on my vanity for makeup, one on my kitchen counter for tea bags....Your fabric combination looks so French to me, with the black and white toile paired with the bright pink. Just lovely!

  2. I love making little fabric boxes and bags with large leftovers. This black & white and pink is lovely! They have so many uses.
    A train ride to (&through Montana) sounds fun. Being a native of Montana that has been gone for 2 years, I miss the beauty of the state.

  3. What a pretty box. Thanks for the link.

  4. Love these! Thank you for including the link to the tutorial! With Easter quickly approaching... this might be a great way to present some chocolate eggs too! :-)


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