Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Canter's Cave Wrap-Up - Part 2

Part 1 of our retreat wrap-up was about what I did at Canter's Cave. Today I will share with you all of the in-process work all the other quilters did while at retreat. Then, tomorrow I will show finishes. And food. And shopping. Maybe more. *smile* 

I filed my pictures alphabetically by first names, so I suppose that makes sense as an order to follow for sharing our pictures.

One of our new campers is Becky who worked on these traditional Snail's Trails blocks. Several of us drooled over these beauties, and when Becky had to leave to go to work (at Old Town Fabric Shop!), we were all tempted to swipe a few blocks. When Becky came back to retreat, she brought some great quilts for show and tell which I will share tomorrow.

Jan chose to participate in our Thimbleberries challenge by making this Flying Geese quilt. I am sure there is a particular name for this version, but I can't locate my book that contains this pattern. Jan also finished another quilt, one that she'd been working on. And then, because all her projects were done, she made herself available to first Terry and then me for "wenching" services. She pressed, pinned, cut, and so on for us - a great time-saver!

Laura, too, participated in the challenge by making this version of Party Mix. It looks like true Lynette Jensen/Thimbleberries fabric, but Laura used what she had in her stash which is a mix of other designers.

Laura worked on several quilts at once, and when she tired of Party Mix, she had this mini-quilt to finish. She said she'd seen the picture in a magazine and tried to duplicate it with poison greens and cheddars.

Sharon P. was also new to our retreat this year. She is a long-time fan of Thimbleberries, so she knew from the start what she would work on. Back in 1999 she bought the fabric for this quilt, then stored it away in a tub just waiting on the right opportunity for construction. What a great feeling to get such an old UFO out and finished.

After finishing Cross Patch, she pulled out some blue and neutral 9-patch blocks to make. And from the looks of the pictures below, she made quite a bit of progress on them. I believe she said she would end up with 48 blocks. I do not know how she will be setting them together, so we will have to wait and see on how this finishes up.

Susan selected the Thimbleberries pattern called Goldenrod Patch for her retreat quilt. I was so happy to see this one, as I made this pattern a year ago and this new color combination might entice me to make another one. Susan's is a Christmas quilt using a variety of reds and greens with a single background. It looks spectacular.

Terry worked very diligently on this king-size blue and white 9-patch quilt. That's a lot of stitching. A similar quilt is on display at Old Town Fabric Shop, and Terry needed a bigger one for her bed. Between each block there is sashing and corner stones, so even for a simple 9-patch quilt, the stitching is precise and labor-intensive.

So you see what our efforts were. Come back tomorrow to see finishes!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. So much inspiration! Love those snails trail blocks!


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