Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Canter's Cave Wrap-Up - Part 3

It's show time today, dear readers! You are in for a treat, getting to see the fantastic finishes and additional show-and-tell quilts from the ladies at the retreat. Let's get right to it.

This is a sweet baby quilt made by Anita - not a camper - she owns Canter's Cave! She was free for a good portion of the time we were there and joined us for sewing, sharing and dinner. Isn't it a great quilt?

Becky brought a quilt that she is ready to begin quilting and isn't it grand?!? Let's have some close-up shots.

I am giving serious consideration to beginning some sort of EPP quilt, and this is so very tempting. Becky brought two other in-progress quilts for show-and-tell - a smaller hexie quilt and a tumbling block quilt.

This sweet mini quilt is the type of EPP that one could work on and be able to finish in a reasonable time frame. Those big ones with a gazillion pieces are too intimidating. Becky is in the process of big-stitch hand quilting this mini.

Can you tell Becky has a thing for reproduction prints? These examples plus the Snail's Trails from yesterday's post all feature her love of repros.

The two quilts above are from Jan. The top one is her Thimbleberries finish. The bottom one is one she is making for a friend who lost her husband recently. These flannels are from his shirts. Jan is so thoughtful.

Laura finished her quilt - almost. She still has one border to add. The top picture shows her quilt with the first 2 borders; the next 2 pictures show the fabric she intends to use for the outer border. Very striking and perfectly suited.

Sharon's Christmas quilt looks spectacular. She will very likely have this quilted in plenty of time for the holidays. Or maybe she will gift it?

Jan and Sharon were the first to finish their Thimbleberries quilt tops, so they displayed their work on the furniture around the fire place to provide inspiration to those of us still working. Pretty nice view, I think you'd agree.
Susan got her quilt top together before we left. The lighting in the room gives this picture a fuzzy look, but it's gorgeous and tempting to place on my wish list.

This king-size beauty is Terry's finish. You can see why she didn't turn down Jan's offer of helping to pin and  match all those rows of blocks with the rows of sashing. It is supposed to get a border, but Terry is seriously considering leaving it off. The quilt is so heavy now that adding any more too it seem unnecessary. Plus, how will she ever get in to fit in her long-arm? Once finished, it will look fantastic with her decor.

Okay. So there you have all our finishes. Now, I still have stuff to share - namely food, shopping and goodies. All the really important stuff!! Since this post is already long, I think I will eke out one more post to finish off this retreat wrap-up. Gosh we had fun, and it was so super-productive!

See you tomorrow for the final installment of 2017 Canter's Cave Retreat.
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Impressive! You girls really had the pedal to the metal!


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