Sunday, April 2, 2017

Endless Scraps

If a quilter/seamstress has been creating things for over 40 years, and in all that time has never ever dealt with the leftover scraps of those various projects, then she very likely has a considerable amount of scraps stuffed into boxes and bins and shoved to the back corners of closets.

Yes, this is true.

It has been nagging at me that this is something I should face and rectify. I spent most of yesterday tackling the contents of one tub pulled out last week. Here are the results of my efforts.

It sure looks like a very small return for an entire afternoon of pressing and cutting, but I suppose I should look at it as progress - even if it is a tiny baby step. These will save me time down the road, I expect, when I need scrappy strips of 1.5" or 2.5". I already know how I will use those 2.5" squares. Those are set to go into the basket with others I've cut to make more 4-patch blocks, 9-patch blocks or 16-patch blocks. I have even seen some pretty 25-patches that look mighty appealing, so who knows.

I didn't accumulate this messy scrap collection overnight, so I must be patient about controlling it. I don't think I will obsess too much. Slow and steady wins the race, right Aesop?

Linking up today with Kathy and her Slow Sunday Stitching party, Cynthia at her Oh Scrap! party, and Beth at her Monday Making party. That's a lot of partying going on! I guess when all you are accomplishing is cutting up scraps, you make your fun in any way possible! *grin*

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. It is a smart idea have all the scraps selected by size. I do the same and it helps a lot. If you start a new scrap quilt you will have all of them ready to go. Have a great week

  2. Oh Jayne, I identify with all that you said-especially about the amount of scraps. I did go through a couple tubs a couple years ago and cut strips, used some but wow it takes time to use them up!!

  3. I feel your pain, I try to keep up with my scraps, but is so easy to get behind. You will love it when you decide to do something scrappy and don't have to cut anything just start sewing. I have made several quilts just from my scrap bins only going to my stash for borders, binding and backs. Good luck.

  4. Way to go you, deciding to tackle it at all! I don't know if you are a Bonnie Hunter fan, but she has lots of tips and uses for scraps and ways to deal with them. Though it looks like you've got a good handle on it!! :)

  5. Taming those scraps can be intimidating for sure! But they do take up so much less room when they are neatly cut an pressed. AND have a better chance of being used. I am sure you will find some fun scrappy projects and they will make beautiful creations in no time.

  6. It's wonderful progress. Plus, as you said, in the future when you're working on something you will know exactly where to go for just that perfect piece to add.

  7. This is a great idea! I just might get started on this in my sewing room this afternoon! :-)


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